Technology/ Title:Internal fixation of cells and organisms and uses thereof

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Hong-Zhang Chen
Licensing Associate

Technology Description

Invented is a technique to achieve internal fixation of cells and organisms without compromising the structure, fluidity, biochemical complexity, and functions of the outer plasma membrane. We induced transient membrane poration to introduce crosslinkers into the inside of cells, which is enclosed by the outer plasma membrane. The crosslinkers were then activated to form polymers to achieve internal fixation. The resulting cells and organisms with internal fixation can then be applied as a robust platform for different biomedical applications.

Fields of Application:
The present invention provides a robust inanimate platform with a cell-like exterior applicable for biomimetic interactions with chemical compounds, biomolecules, pathogens, and cells. Commercial applications of the invention include but are not limited to immune modulation, tissue engineering, agglutination assays, filtration systems for pathogen and toxin removal, and a tool for biomembrane study. In these applications, the invention will be used for biomimetic interactions with immune cells, tissue culture, agglutinating agents, pathogens, toxins, and other compounds and molecules as they preserve the fluid membrane interface.

Advantages when compared to the existing technologies:
Currently, there are no alternative existing technologies that allows preservation of cellular membranes in their native form. Alternative cell fixation methods, such as using paraformaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, compromise cell membrane fluidity and protein viability.

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Key Publications:

Lin JC, Chien CY, Lin CL, Yao BY, Chen YI, Liu YH, Fang ZS, Chen JY, Chen WY, Lee NN, Chen HW, Hu CJ Intracellular hydrogelation preserves fluid and functional cell membrane interfaces for biological interactions. Nature communications 10(1), 1057 (2019)

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Technical transfer or cooperative research /development.