Technology/ Title:Compositions and Methods of Detection of Protein S-nitrosylation and Oxidation : PAC-switch method

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Hong-Zhang Chen
Licensing Associate

Technology Description

The primary focus of this invention is to develop a new analytic platform, which is technique friendly and at the same time greatly enhances the specificity and accuracy of S-nitrosylated proteins being identified. In this invention, we established an antibody-based strategy. Sequential blocking steps successfully eliminate false-positive results. This invention also provides the application of detection in both biochemical and cell imaging formats.

Fields of Application:
1. Detection of nitrosylation and oxidation of proteins.
2. Screening of potential drugs useful for modulating protein nitrosylation and oxidation.

Advantages when compared to the existing technologies:
high specificity and accuracy (reduce the false-positive results)

Intellectual Property


TW I585107
US 10072097 B2
EU Pending

Key Publications:

Hsu MF, Pan KT, Chang FY, Khoo KH, Urlaub H, Cheng CF, Chang GD*, Haj FG*, and Meng TC S-Nitrosylation of endogenous protein tyrosine phosphatases in endothelial insulin signaling. Free Rad Biol Med (2016)

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Technical transfer or cooperative research /development.