Technology/ Title:Antibody-drug conjugates against cancer

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Summary of Invention
1. Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) is one of the most important approach in recent cancer drug development. ADCs contain an antibody and high potent cytotoxic drugs and these two parts are connected with a specific linker. ADCs can target to the tumor cells through the antibody part by recognizing and binding to correspond tumor antigen. After internalization, the ADCs was cleaved or digested in lysosome or endosome and cytotoxic drugs were released to kill the cancer cells.

2. The ADC candidate compound show great tumor inhibition via a novel target, and belongs to first-in-class drug development.

Advantages when compared to the existing technologies
1. In vitro & in vivo platforms for ADC screening.
2. Novel site-specific conjugation method for ADC products.
3. Characterization and analytical platforms for ADC.
4. Pre-clinical development ADC candidate with novel targeting antibody.

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Next generation antibody related in cancer therapy