Technology/ Title:Hedgehog inhibitor as an anti-cancer agent

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Karena Juan
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+886-02-7700-3800 ext. 5234

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Summary of Invention
1. Hedgehog inhibitor screening technology platforms

2. Highly potent hedgehog inhibitors that overcome drug resistant issue have been identified. (the vismodegib-resistant Smo-D473H mutant has inhibition activity IC50 less than 50 nM).

3. Compound is highly efficacious in vivo animal model. Compound shows ~90% tumor growth inhibition in 40 mpk and significant dose response. In the cholangiocarcinoma TFK-1 Xenograft Models, the tumor growth inhibition rate (1-T/C) can reach 56.7% or more.

Advantages when compared to the existing technologies
Develop inhibitors that bind to the marketed drug vismodegib with different Smoothened protein binding sites, improve drug resistance. Develop drugs that inhibit both tumor cells and cancer stem cells, and treat special patients with solid tumors, so they are highly competitive and market value.

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PCT and Taiwan patent were filed

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Business Opportunity

Anti cancer therapy for basal cell carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma