Technology/ Title:Development of Tissue Specific Activated Antibody for Central Nervous System (CNS) Related Diseases

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Tony Chung
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Antibodies are highly specific to their target antigens with high affinities, and have been approved for therapeutic or diagnostic applications in some diseases. However, the target antigen expression is not necessarily disease-specific. Therefore, most therapeutic antibodies will also target normal tissues in addition to targeting the disease lesions, thereby causing adverse effects. In this invention, antibody activity is reduced by the N-terminal fused blocker which can be cleaved by a CNS specific protease. The antigen recognition ability of the antibody is reduced in peripheral blood, hence the therapeutic antibody for CNS-related diseases will not target the tissue outside the CNS and cause adverse effect.

Advantages when compared to the existing technologies
1. CNS-specific activation
2. Lower adverse effect expected

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CNS-related Diseases Therapy
CNS-related cancer, inflammatory disease, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and neuron degeneration disease.