Technology/ Title:High yield CHO production system

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Pang-Hsi Liu
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High yield CHO production system including optimized expression vector, IP protect host cell, suspension adapted CHO cell lines and Process and feeding strategy.

Advantages when compared to the existing technologies
1. DCB is engaged in the development of high-yielding CHO cell expression systems through the development of many toolboxes. The current feed batch culture has a maximum output of 4.7 g / L. The toolbox includes new high-yield expression vectors, next-generation target integration technology, adaptation of host cells, optimization of culture conditions and feeding strategies.

2. Compared with the commercially available vector, the new high yield expression vector can increase the antibody yield to about 1.3-2 times, and continue to make the optimal improvement for different CHO cells. The next generation target integration technology with the integration sites will increase the cell productivity per copy about 3-5 times higher than that of traditional random integration technology.

3. We also developed the engineered CHO host cells and successfully established the cGMP-grade cell bank (CHO-C), which has better survival rate than the original host cells and can maintain 100 generations stably. By optimizing the basal medium and feeding strategy, fed-batch culture can increase the batch production by 7-15 times. The impressive result showed the maximum production can reach 4.7 g / L in fed batch culture. With all the toolboxes and technologies are keep ongoing developed and optimized, in the future, DCB is expected to achieves the international standards or even beyond.

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