Technology/ Title:Novel Lymphatic Delivery System for Cancer Metastasis

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Lymphatic metastasis plays a crucial role in the spread of solid tumors, which indicates poor prognosis and well correlates to the majority of cancer deaths. Conventional systemic chemotherapy cannot effectively be delivered to the lymphatic system without dose-limiting toxicities. Take HNSCC for example, patients in late stage have response rate less than 30%. Here we showed a novel hyaluronic acid (HA)-based nanocarriers that could deliver more drug to lymph nodes and have potential to treat cancer with lymph node metastasis. This delivery system may offer significant advantages for the use of platinum medicines in the management of locally advanced cancers, treating microscopic lymph node disease with better efficacy than current high-dose systemic chemotherapy. Currently, we have generated a drug candidate (CPHC008) and processed the pilot scale up.

Figure. (A) HA-based polymer. (B) TEM of CPHC008 (CDDP encapsulated)

Figure. The Pt accumulation in cervical lymph node of BALB/c mice.


  • Patentable HA polymer modification
  • Organic solvent-free nanocarriers process
  • Active targeting to lymph node and tumor

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  • CD44 targeting and higher stability lead to enhance lymphatic delivery and inhibit cancer with lymphatic metastasis.
  • Chemodrug encapsulated by nanocarriers miniaturize systemic toxicities.
  • Convenient dosing by intravenous injection.
  • This platform could encapsulate different drugs lead to extend clinical application.


  • Therapy for cancers with metastasis, such as head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma.
  • Early diagnosis for lymphatic metastasis of cancers.