Technology/ Title:DBPR117: A Precision Medicine (mAb) Targeting RSPO3/Wnt-Mediated Tumorigenesis

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Po-Hsuan Sung
Project Manager
+886-37-246-166 ext. 35702

Technology Description

R-spondin 3 (RSPO3) was identified as a novel key modulator of cancer development and a potential target for treatment of cancers. Therefore, we selected RSPO3 as a therapeutic target and discovered a potent neutralizing antibody, DBPR117, that was shown to have anti-cancer activity. DBPR117 is a humanized IgG1 that is capable of neutralizing the aberration of RSPO3-mediated Wnt/β-catenin signaling. DBPR117 is comparable with rosmantuzumab (131R010), an antibody developed by OncoMed, as shown in a number of assays including binding assays, in vitro ligand neutralization and wound healing assays, and in vivo PDX (patient-derived xenograft) or CDX (cell line-derived xenograft) models.

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2018: PCT and ROC Patent entitled Anti-RSPO3 antibodies, compositions, methods and uses.

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Business Opportunity

DBPR117 can inhibit cancer stemness and DBPR117 will be examined for activity in reducing RSPO3-mediated tumorigenesis and metastasis. DBPR117 will be developed to cover a wide range of cancers along with companion diagnostics that can identify patients who are most likely to benefit from DBPR117, alone or in combination with other agents.