Technology/ Title:SPF Pig Tissue Supply

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Others: Material of Biomedical device

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Chi-Yu, Yang
Division Chief

Technology Description

We are ISO 13485 certificated laboratory and in compliance with ISO13485/ISO22442 for pig tissue supply.

Intellectual Property


ATRI GLP Animal Laboratory-Sampling Unit has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016. Pig skin and bones collection and processing according to ISO 22442-1 and ISO 22442-2:2015.

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Business Opportunity

Some medical devices are manufactured utilizing materials of animal origin, which asked to identify the hazards and hazardous situations associated with controls on sourcing, collection and handling. ISO 22442 is intended to provide requirements and guidance on risk management related to the hazards typical of medical devices manufactured utilizing animal tissues or derivatives. Our SPF pig tissue supply platform is ISO13485 certificated and in compliance with ISO22442-1, 22442-2.